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Camelot Classic Cars

camelot_classic_carsSince a child, Matthew Innocenzi of Camelot Classic Cars had an obsession with antique/classic American cars. In 1992, he restored his first car, a 1967 Impala and the passion has only intensified since then.  Now a proud owner of a small fleet of classic cars, the saga continues with 20 total cars; 9 active and 11 mortje on the sidelines awaiting restoration.  Unlike other car enthusiasts where the story ends with the completion of a project, the final restoration of cars at Camelot is where the story is just beginning.  After approximately 5-7 years of restoration, the cars are used for display and use in the film and wedding industries.  These vehicles are of the top pedigree, being used in movies, commercials, films, as well as high profile weddings where a distinct “look” is commanded. Please visit the website or contact me to see how my passion can make your vintage vision a reality.
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