Bridal Shows in DC | Washington DC Bridal Show | Lights. Camera. I DO!
UNIQUE –  This event is truly different than anything you have ever experienced before or any other “bridal show” you may have visited so far. LCID promises to be the most original wedding program you have ever been to, allowing you to not just observe a wedding from the perspective of a guest, but also engage with the vendors that have caught your eye with their quality work!
PEACE OF MIND –  We know just how stressful it is to find a long list of qualified vendors in such a short amount of time. Chances are that you don’t have years of experience in the wedding industry and so we have spent months researching and hand picking the most trusted wedding professionals in the area. LCID is one of the only programs where not every vendor can be an exhibitor.
SEE IT FIRST –  Where else do you have the opportunity to see an officiant conduct a ceremony, or brides walking down the aisle, or really see first hand what the difference between up-lighting, intelligent lighting, pin-spotting and a gobo is?
HEAR IT FIRST –  Wouldn’t you agree that entertainment is one of the most important elements of your wedding? This is your chance to see and hear live musicians and DJs!
SWAG BAG –  You’re already going to leave the program having had a lot of fun and having seen some amazing things, but you deserve so much more. That’s why every bride that attends the program will receive a swag bag which will include discounts and promotions from our vendors totaling over $1,000 in savings!
We bring everything that you have seen or heard about online to life! This is your chance to visualize your ballroom, smell the flowers, taste the samples and hear the entertainment so you can make the most informed decision for your wedding!

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