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Purium Health Products are natural, certified organinc, no gmo, green superfoods that are grown and manufactured in the United States.  Our founder Dave Sandoval has created fresh, environmently conscious products for families of all shapes and sizes to consume. At Purium we strive to help everyone become more conscious of their nutriution, and supply the natural foods your body needs, the way they were intended to be consumed. 
 We have many products to fit your needs, whether it be weight loss, family health, anti-aging, athletic performance, ect.  Everyone’s individual plan is customized to their health and nutrition goals. All of our superfoods are safe for children as well as the family dog.  We also offer a children’s line, which most adults love to use as well.  We offer a 10 day transformation, which jumpstarts your metabolism, breaks addictions to carbs, processed foods, caffeine,and sugars while detoxing your body and resetting it at the cellular level. Average weight loss during the transformation is 5-20 pounds.  We are also now offering a skincare line “BIO” that renews the elasticity in your skin thru topical cremes, cleaners and suppliments you take daily. We also offer gluten free foods.
Whole Foods,….Live Foods…..Superfoods……with no fillers, binders, preservatives, chemical dyes, agents, or sugars.   Green is Clean!
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